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Under the hood of a Jet Plus XL

Here is a great looking Halm Jet Plus XL that is getting cleaned and a new brand new JOMAC rollers. Unlike a regular Halm Jet, the Jet Plus XL allows you to print up to 50,000 EPH in perfecting mode. It's wider too. This could be yours. if you are interested.

Jet Press Plus XL Specifications Sheet Size:

230mm x 380mm (9” x 15”) maximum

82mm x 127mm (3 ¼” x 5”) minimum

Print Area:

230mm x 380mm (9” x 15”) maximum

Perfecting area:

Four sided bleed, both sides, up to and including 108mm x 380mm (4 1/4” x 15”) maximum


one side: up to 50,000 eph

Perfecting: up to 50,000 eph

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