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Lime Green Halm Superjet!

Brighten up your print shop with the greenest Halm Superjet we have ever seen!

Halm 2-Color SuperJet Up to 18” x 12", Top & Bottom Feeders, Conveyor Delivery, Vacuum Pumps, Plate Bender, dampening water circulator

More than just a pretty paint job. This press has:

New back cylinder New rollers New table belt New aligner chains 4 new feed belts 3 new feed chains 2 blanket pins 1 new top pivot arm assembly 1 new bottom pivot arm assembly Replaced bottom pivot arm stud 2 new plate bearings 2 new feed bearings 3 new limit switches 2 new oscillator bushings 1 new lateral collar 9 new "various" bearings 2 new bearer pads 9 new narrow pinch wheels

and more!

Interested? Sent us an email - >

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